Treating Wastewater

To your tap or from your drain, our mission is to deliver water that can be safely consumed or safely released back into our rivers, lakes, and streams.

We treat millions of gallons of wastewater daily

We provide these critical services in a wide range of situations by offering solutions that are suited to local needs.

From smaller communities like Sturgeon Bay, WI, to large urban centers such as Indianapolis, IN, we develop appropriate solutions that satisfy individual community needs.

For example, we operate a state-of-the-art treatment plant in El Segundo, CA, that:

  • Recycles wastewater for irrigation and industrial use
  • Eases the demand for scarce water supplies
  • Conserves drinking water
  • Helps safeguard the ocean

We work with municipalities and businesses nationwide to maximize their existing resources and facilities.

We apply talent, technology and best practices to maintain the highest levels of sustainable, environmental stewardship.

United Water and its global partners through, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, use world-class research and resources to deliver appropriate, strategic, local wastewater solutions.