Applying New Solutions

United Water brings over a century of experience and world class services to satisfy local water service needs of communities and businesses.

From developing groundbreaking technologies to applying best practices for existing resources, our creative management of both human and technological resources can deliver reliable solutions that are best-suited for local needs—from large, urban systems to smaller, less complex plants.

Our record speaks for itself:

  • Nation’s first ozone filtration plant
  • First to adopt automated water meter reading technology
  • Pioneer in ultrafiltration membrane technology

Technology is always evolving and so are we. Our dedication to innovation has lead to collaborate with water companies around the world through the R+i Alliance, the research consortium of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, our parent company.  This research network is the world leader for the water services industry.

Here are examples of global technology at work in facilities operated by United Water:

  • United Water Delaware & DensaDeg High-Rate Clarifier Technology
    This technology enhances drinking water quality, reduces facility expansion needs, and preserves the surrounding wetlands.
  • United Water New York & AquaDAF Filtration
    AquaDAF improves the taste, odor, and clarity of drinking water while safely increasing the plant’s efficiency.
  • United Water San Antonio & Crystal Ultrafiltration
    This absolute barrier against unwanted particles in drinking water requires less chlorine and minimal facility expansion.


R+i Alliance Report 

United Water and DENARD also co-founded, United WERCs, an organization consisting of brilliant minds devoted to research and technical expertise services. Their mission is to continue developing environmentally friendly solutions for all the stages in the water treatment processes.  To learn more about some the exciting and revolutionary projects the team is currently and has worked on, please click on the icon below.

United WERCs Annual Report 

Our Ultimate Goal?

To deliver safe, efficient water and wastewater services.