Conservation Kits

Because water is such a precious natural resource, we encourage our customers to use it wisely.

To help you save money and water, United Water has partnered with AM Conservation Group, INC. to offer you high-quality conservation kits, leak detectors for your toilets and rain barrels at significant savings.

These kits and other water saving devices can help reduce your water use by up to 25 percent and help you save money on your water and energy bills. The more you conserve, the more you save!


Standard Kit Droplet 

Standard Water-Saving Kit 

  • 2 showerheads
  • 1 kitchen aerator
  • 2 bathroom aerators
  • 2 toilet tank banks
  • 2 dye tablet packs
  • 1 shower timer
Outdoor Kit Droplet 

Outdoor Landscape Kit 

  • 7-Spray water hose nozzle
  • 1 automatic sprinkler timer
  • 3 rain gauges
  • 1 Soil moisture sensor
  • 3 hose repair kits 
Deluxe Kit Droplet 

Deluxe Water-Saving Kit 

  • 1 Spoiler showerhead
  • 1 Spoiler handheld showerhead
  • 3 bathroom aerators
  • 1 kitchen aerator
  • 3 toilet tank banks
  • 3 dye tablet packs
  • 1 shower timer



Click here to begin conserving water by purchasing a kit, Leakalertors® or rain barrels. Only United Water customers are eligible to purchase these items at the listed discounted price.

You can also order conservation kits and Leakalertors® using our mail-in form.