Q & A For Candidates

Who is United Water looking for?

United Water welcomes applications from all qualified job candidates.

We foster and embrace diversity. The personal attributes of a successful applicant include:

  • A positive attitude
  • Motivation and a desire to learn, improve, and succeed
  • The willingness and ability to work and communicate as a team
  • Dedication to complete customer satisfaction
  • The ability to apply business knowledge and build our company

How can you submit your application?

Resume Submission

Visit the Join Our Team  area of the Career Center. There you can build or update your candidate profile, and view and apply for any of our open positions.

Visit often to keep your profile current and to explore opportunities to start a career with us—around the corner from where you live, or across the globe.

If you have questions about applying on-line, please click on the link below to launch our application user guide.

+Online Application User Guide  

Resume Tips

Resume Content 

  1. Content Overview – (Be sure to include the basics):
    • Full name.
    • Address.
    • Telephone numbers.
    • E-mail address. (Make sure your e-mail address is appropriate; ImLazy16@bmail.com could raise some suspicions.)
    • Work-related experience, especially as it relates to the required qualifications for the position to which you are applying.
    • Educational background.
    • Professional associations.
  2. Work History and Qualifications:
    • Include employment history, starting with the most recent.
    • Include months and years for all employers/positions.
    • Provide specific skills, programs, training and qualifications that highlight your strengths. (Recruiters don’t know what qualifications you have unless you list them.)
    • Be sure to read the required and desired qualifications and, if applicable, list the specific experiences you have that relate to those qualifications. (Recruiters are looking for backgrounds that relate to open positions.)
  3. Format:
    • Be clear and concise!
    • Make sure you proofread your resume. It might be a good idea to let someone else review. (This is your first contact with recruiter; you want to make a good first impression).
    • Use headings that are clearly stated (i.e., bold) and easy to interpret. (We go through tons of resumes, so make sure yours grabs our attention.)

How are positions filled?

Best Matches
When a position opens, a company representative searches our files for resumes that contain specific keywords related to the job description.

If a resume has the minimum requirements for the open position listed, the company representative may contact the candidate to discuss the position further.

Will it be you? Make sure you have an updated profile with us!


The most competitive candidates are scheduled for interviews with a hiring team. These interviews are most often conducted face-to-face or occasionally via phone. A hiring decision is reached by considering the input from all members of the team.

Interview Tips:  

  • Show interest by preparing for the interview—research the company/industry, prepare a list of questions, and know your skills, talents, and accomplishments.
  • Dress to reflect the image of a business professional.
  • Bring multiple copies of your resume and list of references, and complete the company application neatly and in its entirety.
  • Express sincere interest in both the company and the position.
  • Practice your own "great responses" with others or in front of a mirror until you appear relaxed and at ease.
  • Maintain good eye contact.
  • Extend a firm, friendly handshake.
  • Give direct responses to questions.
  • Use examples of how your skills and abilities would fit the job.
  • Express yourself clearly (voice, diction, grammar).
  • Exhibit confidence and poise (at ease, calm, relaxed).
  • Express a career objective and verbalize an interest in individualized long-term opportunities (goals).
  • Show interest in finding a good career opportunity.

Job offer 

The company representative contacts the candidate who best meets the requirements for the position and offers the job.

The written offer letter will include information such as start date, salary and benefits. If the candidate declines the position, the company representative may then offer the position to the next most qualified applicant.

Once the position has been filled, remaining candidates may be contacted for other opportunities. 

When and where are recruiting events held?

Check out our Event Calendar to see where and when recruiting activities will be taking place.