Innovation & Dependability

United Water brings to Pennsylvania world class experience in providing safe and reliable water services.

From our global network for research, development, management, and service, we can apply the locally appropriate and effective technologies and strategies to ensure public health and community prosperity.

We use innovative technology at all surface water treatment plants to assure the highest quality of water possible that meets or surpasses federal and state water quality regulations.  

The engineering and finance expertise provided through Suez Environnement provides for cutting-edge research that helps determine the type of equipment necessary to meet future demand and water quality regulations.

For example, our Hummelstown Plant, features submerged membrane filtration. Membrane filtration technology is one of three methods endorsed for particle removal by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Membranes are porous strands through which water is filtered.  They provide an excellent barrier to microbial contamination.