Taking Care of Business

United Water manages community water and wastewater systems of all types and sizes as as well as regional systems with significant industrial demands.  

In our business and yours, one size or method definitely does not fit all situations.

We do not offer pre-packaged, shrink-wrapped “solutions.” Our services are flexible, scalable and designed to meet your specific needs.

There are no local or regional requirements that our technology-proven, time-tested strategies cannot manage or operate.

With United Water, local enterprises get an award winning partner with a breadth of expertise and flexibility to create truly targeted solutions.

For example, our operational and environmental performance in Newtown, CT has been recognized for going above and beyond simple compliance, to learn more click here.

We have earned widespread recognition:

  • National Council for Public-Private Partnerships Project Recognition Award
  • NACWA Peak Performance Platinum and Gold Awards
  • Energy Efficiency Forum Innovative Energy Management Award
  • New England Water Environment Association George Burke Safety Award
  • U.S. Conference of Mayors Outstanding Public-Private Partnership Award
  • U.S Environmental Protection Agency Excellence Award, CT
  • California Plant-of-the-Year Award
  • Top 10% of Water Systems Recognition, MA DEP
  • Pennsylvania Water Environment Association Award
  • Michigan Star Award, MI MIOSHA
  • National Council For Public-Private Partnerships Service Award, CA 

Whatever your objectives—cost savings, improved performance or environmental compliance — we have the resources and expertise to reach them.

Our engineering, research, management, customer service, communications, and financial experts guarantee you exceptional day-to-day operations.

Better still, our professional water and wastewater services enable communities to grow existing businesses and attract new ones.

Doing our job well means managing your water needs, improving your business performance and protecting the environment.