Helping Communities

Municipal officials are facing increasingly complex and costly drinking water and wastewater regulations. Stringent government standards pose major financial and compliance challenges.

United Water provides flexible solutions through public-private partnerships and comprehensive asset management contracts. These partnerships enable municipalities to outsource the management and operation of their water or wastewater systems.  

Communities retain ownership of their assets—and rate-setting authority—while gaining cost-effective professional management.

For example, we are proud of the value and commitment we have made to the City of East Providence in Rhode Island. United Water recently signed a design-build-operate (DBO) contract for the city’s wastewater collection and treatment facilities, which provide service to roughly two-thirds of East Providence’s 50,000 residents. The contract calls for United Water to begin operational responsibility for the system, while also implementing $52.5 million worth of infrastructure and treatment process upgrades necessary to bring the collection system and plant into compliance with new state Department of Environmental Management mandates.

As a part of the agreement with the city, United Water will manage plant operations and improvements. This is expected to save the city $13 million over what was budgeted to be spent under a traditional project delivery approach.

We offer a full spectrum of asset management services including: 

  • Contract operations
  • Operational assistance
  • Infrastructure and tank management
  • Customer service
  • Billing and collections
  • Long-term leases
  • Asset acquisition
  • Design and construction

To support your goals, we also bring expertise in:

  • Performance and change management
  • Finance and rate planning
  • Capital planning and execution
  • Employee transition programs
  • Labor relations

As both an owner-operator and a contract operator, we bring to your community proven, world-class experience that can be tailored to your specific needs.