Complete Water Services

United Water leads the U.S. water services industry

We are over 2,350 dedicated engineers, scientists, customer service professionals, facility managers, service technicians and business professionals who provide our customers with water that is safe to drink and wastewater management that is efficient and environmentally sound.

Technology and Innovation
United Water brings over a century of experience. 
The heart of our mission is providing water that is safe to drink. 

We help local communities and businesses meet and exceed local, state, federal, or industry compliance standards.

To this end, we partner with communities and businesses to build solutions that focus on local needs, resources, and expectations.

From source to tap to drain to wastewater treatment, we provide:

  • Clean drinking water
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Innovative solutions
  • Global research and development
  • World-class management and operations experience
  • Superior customer service
  • Municipal partnerships
  • Industrial partnerships 
        • Our reputation as a trusted neighbor provides a strong foundation for all of these services.