Building Businesses

United Water offers industrial customers the comprehensive technology, tools and talent to attain your business objectives. The success of your water system directly impacts your bottom line, credibility, environmental reputation, and community. Because water compliance regulations are becoming increasingly costly, many companies choose to outsource water and wastewater management.  

United Water’s flexible solutions span the entire water cycle from raw water to wastewater, targeting the main categories of industrial use:

  • Water for cooling, heating and processing
  • Water for microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Wastewater, sludge management and disposal
  • Reused, recycled and reclaimed water

We offer direct experience in five major industries:

  • Food and kindred products
  • Paper and allied products
  • Chemicals and allied products
  • Petroleum refining and related industries
  • Primary metals industries

With United Water as a partner, your company can focus on your core business and rely on the nation’s leading water experts to manage the technical, safety, health, environmental, and compliance matters related to your water system.

United Water offers reliable, flexible solutions for water services.