Global Resources for Local Solutions

United Water provides the best of both worlds.

Our customers benefit from a worldwide research, management, and technology network that nourishes cutting-edge local solutions.

And by "local" we mean anything from the smallest to the largest, most complex water treatment systems. We work with them all.

With our corporate parent, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, and our world-class R&D, operations, and management network, we lead the way for new technologies and service options.

Here are just a few examples:

United Water Delaware & DensaDeg High-Rate Clarifier Technology

This technology enhances drinking water quality, reduces facility expansion needs, and preserves the surrounding wetlands.

United Water New York & AquaDAF Filtration

AquaDAF improves the taste, odor, and clarity of drinking water while safely increasing the plant’s efficiency.

United Water San Antonio & Crystal Ultrafiltration

This absolute barrier against unwanted particles in drinking water requires less chlorine and minimal facility expansion.

Through innovation tailored to local needs, United Water offers efficient, cost-effective, and reliable services.