Facts & Figures: By the Numbers

United Water has entered into an historic public/private partnership with Nassau County to operate the county’s sewage treatment plants and collection system, serving over one million residents of the County.

United Water is tasked with managing the County’s three treatment plants and sewage collection system.

  • Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, located in East Rockaway, serves some 532,000 residents. 
  • Cedar Creek in Wantagh that serves 600,000 residents. 
  • Glen Cove that serves 27,000 residents will fall under the management of United Water when a current contract with an outside operator expires.

United Water has committed to utilize certain County sewer employees through its contract, at a guaranteed minimum of $10 million savings annually for Nassau taxpayers. These employees will remain with the County but will work for United Water on the County’s wastewater and sewage systems.

The PFM Group, a Wall Street based financial consulting firm hired by Nassau to independently review the proposed agreement, stated: “On a present value basis this represents savings over the term of the contract of $233.1 million. When the additional financial benefits of the Synergy Savings– reduced overtime, County resumption of contracted services, and additional revenues resulting from personnel reassignments – are considered, the combined Contracted and Synergy Savings over the 20-year term rise to…$378.9 million.”

Other details:

  • Nassau County will maintain full ownership of the facilities while providing far greater environmental leadership and operational transparency.
  • Nassau County maintains full control of all FEMA grant dollars awarded after Superstorm Sandy.
  • Nassau County remains in control of all rate setting.
  • United Water will work closely with the community to ensure an unprecedented level of transparency.

United Water is a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT which has 79,550 employees serving:

  • 97 million people worldwide with drinking water
  • 66 million people for wastewater services 
  • 50 million people for waste collection service 
  • Revenues of $18.8 billion in 2012