Saving Water and Your Lawn

During the summer, many households use twice as much water as they consume during the rest of the year. Much of this increase is due to outdoor lawn watering. Studies show that we tend to overwater our lawns and much this water is wasted. Here are some tips to water your lawn wisely.

• Water lawns infrequently but deeply to establish a deep root system.
• Water in the early morning or early evening to reduce evaporation.
• Set your mower blade to at least three inches because taller grass helps the soil retain moisture.

For more tips, read our Conservation Guide.

About ET Lawn Watering

ET—short for EvapoTranspiration—is United Water’s lawn-watering program. It enables customers to maintain a healthy lawn using a system based on weather and science. Local weather experts help determine when lawns need watering.  They measure water loss from soil through evaporation and moisture loss from plants through transpiration, and determine a daily ET number. This number is the optimal amount of water your lawn truly needs on any given day.

Right now, the ET program is only available in the communities listed below. Today's ET number: If you live in the communities listed below, click on the link to see how much water your lawn needs today. 


Today's ET number:

Your lawn can stay green and healthy — and you can save up to $200 a year by reducing your outdoor water use.

ET Lawn Watering

Keep A Green Lawn With Less Water

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