Total Water Professionals

Water is our life.

We provide comprehensive, sustainable water and wastewater management solutions that promote public, economic, and environmental health.

Long-Term Problem Solvers

"United Water’s flexible approach has enabled us to develop a public-private partnership customized to meet the specific needs of our town."
— Alberto Santos, Mayor, Kearny, NJ


As both a utility owner and a contract services operator, we can tailor management and operational strategies to local needs and expectations.

We offer a full spectrum of services: 

  • Contract operations
  • Infrastructure management
  • Customer service
  • Metering
  • Billing and collections
  • Asset acquisition
  • Facility design, construction, and ownership

Industry Innovators

With the world’s largest water and wastewater research program, United Water and our corporate parent, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, devote global resources to create local solutions.

Whether it is high-efficiency ozone technology in Haworth, NJ; membrane filtration in San Antonio, TX; or reverse osmosis desalination in Rockland County, NY, the communities and clients we serve can depend upon truly state-of-the-art operational and management technologies that best meet their needs.

Environmental Champions

Our mission is to provide clean drinking water and to treat wastewater so it can be safely used to replenish rivers and streams.

For example, in West Basin, CA, we operate an innovative plant that recycles wastewater for irrigation and industrial use. This facility manages the demand for scarce water supplies, conserves drinking water, and helps to safeguard the ocean.

Among the awards we have received 

  • California Plant-of-the-Year Award
  • Pennsylvania Water Environment Association Award
  • Energy Efficiency Forum Innovative Energy Management Award

 Good Neighbors

"We were devastated by Katrina, and United Water came in and helped us out."
  — Melvin Mack, Mayor, Laurel, MS

United Water works hard to make all of our communities better places to live everyday, not only in times of crisis. We live in these communities too.

We proudly donate approximately $1.5 million each year in contributions and in-kind services to help local environmental, educational, and humanitarian organizations accomplish their objectives.