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Jane Kunka
United Water

United Water Lambertville to Upgrade Water Meters

Innovative, Remote Reading Technology Will Be More Efficient, Safer, and Convenient

Lambertville, NJ,  Jul 12, 2012,   4:30 PM

United Water Lambertville announced today that the company will replace aging customer water meters with a more convenient, high-tech fixed network meter system beginning in August. The company expects that changing the meters will greatly improve operational efficiencies, customer service, and conservation by supporting better management of water delivery and usage.  


 “This new system will enhance the convenience for our customers as they will no longer be required to be at home for meter readings,” said Rick Pfleiderer, director of operations for United Water. “The new system will simply transmit a meter reading to one of our computers, and then it will be automatically put into our server for accurate billing. The entire process takes seconds to complete but gives our customers piece of mind knowing they won’t have to open the door for someone to come into their house to read the water meter.” 


According to Pfleiderer, the meter change-outs and installations will be completed by Corix Utilities Meter Services, a company that has been providing metering services to the utility field for 70 years. United Water will oversee the installation activities of Corix. Prior to the start of the program, United Water customers will receive a letter of introduction from Corix Utilities with details on how appointments will be scheduled.  


The initial water meter transfer will take approximately one hour inside a customer’s home.  For those customers who currently have meters which are one-inch or larger, a remote device will be mounted on the meter as opposed to a full meter replacement. Meters that are one inch or larger will be replaced in 2013. 


Corix Utilities will be working daily from 8:00 AM to the last scheduled appointment at 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday and Saturday, if necessary.  They will also be walking door-to-door, making every effort to schedule appointments and leaving door hangers when appropriate.  Customers should ensure that each Corix Utilities installer is in proper uniform and possesses a Corix Utilities photo ID badge in plain view at all times when identifying themselves and the company. Any customer questions should be directed to 877-565-1456. 


“This high tech metering project is one way that demonstrates United Water’s commitment to its customers, and ensuring high-quality, reliable water service,” said Pfleiderer. The company anticipates that this project will be completed by the end of 2012.  Customers also can contact the customer service department at 877-565-1456 with any additional questions during the replacement program. 

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